Monday, 28 February 2011

New bike racks

By now, you've all seen the new bike racks in Sulina and Morrish road. Charmian spotted the first bike using them:
This is part of a range of traffic novelties in our streets, with bigger changes (CPZ, etc.) probably coming in the Summer.

As for the bike racks, I suggest we consider painting them and making them more attractive. The "hostpital white" is really not my taste. What do you think?



  1. Will these really be used? I'd never leave my bike out on the street locked to one of these.

    I suspect they will be covered in bit's of leftover/bent/vandalised bikes and old disused locks very soon..

  2. I think they will be used. I've already had a couple of friends who used them over the past week. So they're definitely useful for me as I no longer have to get my friends' bikes into the house.

    I've also seen some kids' bikes attached to some of the racks.

    let's hope no bikes will be stolen. That would be horrible.

  3. I think the bike racks are mainly for visitors (mine are using them too!) and a convenient place for residents to leave bikes when going to and fro on errands. I understand the worries about bikes being stolen and we are hoping to get a secure lock-up bike shed from the Council in the future. Watch this space!