Friday, 15 April 2011

The planning weekly list: stay on top of changes in our area...

What is changing in our area? Are there any planning applications which will impact our neighbourhood?

I had a nice chat with Diana Morris, a councillor in an adjacent area who happens to be the chair of the Lambeth planning committee. She gave this nice little tip: Lambeth publishes a Planning Weekly List with all the planning applications and appeals received and determined in a given week.

Here's the link to it: Lambeth Planning Weekly List

It makes an easy way to spot changes in our area. I just searched for "sulina", "morrish", "wallis", "new park road" and "streatham place" in the last 8 weekly lists.

All I could find were the pruning of trees in New Park Road, a new logo on the McDonald's roof in Streatham Place and a strange proposal to transform a single property in Morrish Road in "9 bedsits" (this last one was refused).

Do you know a better way to keep track of planning applications? Are you aware of current planning applications affecting our neighbourhood?


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