Monday, 15 October 2012

Playing out... in the street

As many of you will have seen, On Sunday October 10th afternoon, Sulina Road was closed so the children could play in the street, and they loved it!

You could sense the liberation as they zoomed up and down on an assortment of bikes, scooters and a mini go-kart, lending them all to each other so everyone could have a go. They developed lots of games without any need for suggestions from adults, showing how inventive they can be. Children of all ages mixed together and shared the space, and they chalked their names in huge letters plus messages such as 'Road Closed' and 'Watch out for People!'

Many thanks to Hen for organising this, and to the other parents for support. And also to the residents who were all very considerate about driving around slowly and only if they needed to.

Here's what playing out in the street looked like...

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