Tuesday, 13 September 2011

#Sulina #Cleanup - 17 Sept

Picture by Spengy (Flickr, Creative Commons)
Following the meeting we held about rubbish in July, the Council offered us the chance to receive a Community Fresh View Clean Up and we accepted of course...  Briefly, the deal is that we enlist the help of at least 10 residents to help with the clean up and the Council provides skips to dispose of front garden rubbish, garden tools to get rid of weeds etc, lots of compost,  plants and planters to place around the street, and lots of paint to brighten up tired walls, fences and other bits an pieces that front on to the street. They even bring along refreshments!!.  In short, its a really good deal for us and should be a fun day as well.....and another excuse to fire up the barbie !

if you want to help out please come along on the day...anytime from 10am on Saturday 17 September, meeting at 44d Morrish road and after that wherever you see people beavering away

and / or

if you would like the front of your property brightened up let us know beforehand if possible and we'll get you on the list of jobs. You don't have to be able to help out in order to geta clean up of your place so if you're away, looking after kids or or for any other reason can't get out to join in, please still feel free to ask for the clean up treatment.....We all get the benefit if the each others fronts looking good.

I've been to have a look at a couple of streets that have had theirs done and it's really good. The Council peeps have also given me some freebies and leaflets  to give out at tomorrows street party,  so keep an eye out for the Fresh View table which I'll have outside the white campervan.

I look forward to getting you on board.


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