Saturday, 10 September 2011

Street party pics

We've just received those amazing pictures of our street party from a new resident and now "official photographer in residence" David Lothian. They're wonderful. Big thanks!

Our street band

Random fun (there's a lot of it)

The Balham Ukulele Society - special guests

Cowboy hats

Delicious food 

"Big Eliot"

More hats


"Shining, shining"

Apple bobbing

Smiling winner of the Guess the weight of the cake competition.


Under the telephone line

Books, hats and circus

"And I fell into..."

The odd one out?

You should have seen me later...


Look at my hat!


Yet more hats,

And more,

Even our councillor had a hat!

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  1. Great photos of another fantastic Street Party thank you everyone!! Hen