Saturday, 9 November 2013

A fresh view for our streets

Our Community Freshview event last Saturday November 2nd saw a team of residents busily making and painting wooden planters. It was very satisfying to plant them up and place them in areas previously affected by rubbish dumping. Thanks to Lambeth for materials and support, especially Council officers Richard and Jason who helped us on the day!

UPDATE: our efforts have been spotted and feature in an article on
Charmian Kenner, chair of the Sulina Road, Morrish Road & Wallis's Cottages Residents Association in Lambeth, told that the scheme had benefited her area.
"We've discovered that if you put any kinds of plants or flowers on the street, this deters people from dumping rubbish. They begin to see the area in a different way. If you make the area look nice and attractive it no longer conjures up thoughts of dumping rubbish."

Sawing the planks

Putting the planter together
Sorting out construction
The final product

Painting the planter
Putting the finishing touches

Beginning the planting

Still hard at work

The happy gardeners

The planters in place

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